It is almost the same strength as ordinary annealed glass of the same thickness.

Laminated Glass is a safety glazing material made by bonding layers of glass, using heat and pressure, with one or more inter layers of tough polyvinyl butyral film (PVB). The glass sheets may be of same or different thickness.

UV Control

The major cause of fading and deterioration of furnishings and artworks is cause by UV radiation. Laminated Glass can screen out almost 99% of damaging rays. Due to the UV absorbing additives in the PVBSOUND REDUCTION interlayer.

Safety & Security
The PVB interlayer absorbs the energy of the impact, which minimises risk of injuries. PVB interlayer continues to safeguard the building until the glass is replaced.
Sound Rejection
Proven to be an excellent barrier to noise.
  • Skylights
  • Slope glazing
  • Anti thief show cases
  • Greenhouse
  • Large aquarium
  • Windows

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