Mirror which is manufacturing by using Grade A float glass is a superior quality mirror. It offers excellent resistance to atmospheric agents. Aesthetically, it provides long-lasting brilliant beauty as an interior decorative material.


It has superb luster, and a perfectly flat surface which gives a distortion-free image reflection.

Superior Quality

Mirror uses high grade float glass as its base and it is manufactured under an automated process, thus giving superb quality mirror.


It is manufactured under the automated process has a silver membrane which is protected by a copper plated layer, and finally sealed with an oven-baked paint coating. The silver membrane is fully protected, thus providing long-lasting performance and durability.


It is available large sizes, different thickness and either in clear float or bronze float glass.

Can be applied to anywhere you can imagine.

Wall surfaces, ceilings, pillars for general household usage, shops, and departmental stores.

A hint of reflections.

Can be applied to furniture and interior decoration.