Also called figured, rolled, or obscure glass.

Figured glass is a decorative and translucent glass with figures on one face. In addition to diffusing light and obstructing visibility from the outside, the figured soften the interior lighting.

Patterned glass is made in a similar way to float glass except that the glass ribbon passes between two rollers, and the pattern is pressed onto one surface of the glass to give the design impression. Different patterns are made by changing one of the rollers. Figured glass can be tempered and cut in the same manner as standard float glass. Most figured can also be laminated and double glazed.


  • It ensures privacy by obstructing visibility from the outside.


  • Windows of building and houses
  • Partitions, interior doors and windows
  • Furniture
  • All locations benefiting from the combination of a distinctive decorative touch


  • The decoration patterns blend with a wide range of decorations.


  • The glass achieves soft and comfortable interior lighting, because its figured patterns diffuse incoming light. Transmission factors for solar radiation energy and visible light rays are much the same as with float glass.

Design and Glazing Notes

  • Glass with a figured surface can become dirty easily. Install the smooth surface facing the exterior
  • Figured glass may become transparent if the pattern side is exposed to water.